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Coin Prize
Coin Prize


Who are we?

Prize Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency created for use in mobile games and games of chance. Prize Coin has agreement  with many gaming platforms. In game material to be found in the game can be used for purchase. In addition, it is a cryptocurrency that can be used in entertainment and games of chance. As the use of cryptocurrencies increases with the developing world, it will help you both entertain and earn.

You can buy the Prize Coin from the exchanges where it is listed and use it on the platforms you want to use. You can make your prize coin contests, sweepstakes and in game spending by registering on the platforms where the Prize Coin is available.

The draws that you participate in are announced by the system on the day of the competitions. Your prizes are instantly deposited into your account wallets. Thanks to the reference structure in the system, as you earn, you will earn the users you refer to. Join the rich world of prize coin, where both fun and profit come together.

Prize Coin is a lucrative project for everyone. Its is designed as a solution that you can both earn and earn while responding to different needs and different types of communities .All of these platforms will be opened to your service, and we are proud to provide these services to you.With the vision and mission of Prize Coin, our goal will always be to provide more opportunities for our innovative and valuable Prize business partners.